Instagram has a ton of posts in #properglassware and you never see a pint glass in there. Yes. you do see glasses that hold a pint but that’s now what we’re talking about here. About 80% of the people that use that hashtag are drinking beer wrong still, but that’s for an entirely different reason which I’ll explain some other time. For now, we’re going to be focusing on why shaker pints suck and why you shouldn’t drink out of them.


1. Aroma? More like no-roma

The conical shape of pint glasses don’t hold in any of the volatile aromas of beer. They aromas are just allowed to simply evaporate out. Pint glasses are also not as good at forming and retaining head, which is obviously not ideal.

2. Temperature Control

Don’t get me wrong, you want the beer to get warm as time passes so you can enjoy the entire range of flavors in the beer, but every time you pick your beer up you warm it ever so slightly. If you’re drinking at a restaurant this isn’t a huge problem, just put the glass down. But what if you’re someplace that you can’t put down your favorite, perfectly chilled 46 degree Fahrenheit IPA. You have to hold it. With your hands. It sucks enough that you have to hold it in the first place.

3. They only hold 16 ounces

Here in the U.S. a pint is 16 ounces to the rim. Well yeah, pint glasses should hold a full pint. It’s in the name after all! But it’s a bad thing, its a terrible thing. having 16 ounces of beer is great, but without the head you don’t get any of the flavor that comes with it.

4. You can’t drink high gravity beers out of them

Well you can, but you shouldn’t. High gravity beers tend to have a much higher alcohol content, and a much more pronounce burn. Swirling the beer allows sharper notes to evaporate out, but the shape of the shaker pint isn’t very good for swirling vigorously. The shape of shaker pints is more conducive to well… shaking! Which bring us to our next point.

5. They’re called shaker pints for shaking

Shaking cocktails that is. That’s why they’re called shaker pints here in the US. They’re called pints because they hold 16 ounces to the rim, the shaker part comes from their use as half of a Boston Shaker.