When people think of goblets, what comes to mind for most is a jewel encrusted, metal, bowl shaped vessel that knights and vikings drank out of. That’s definitely not wrong, but the word has expanded into quite a wide variety of drinking vessels these days.

Goblets, by definition, are a drinking glass with a foot and a stem. So flutes, wine glasses, metal chalices, and snifters are all technically goblets. The difference is all about the shape.

The idea behind the flute is that the narrow shape of it will help aid in retaining carbonation. One of the upsides is that it also makes the beer look great! When a beer is placed on your table the first thing that you do is look at it. That’s what most people do at least. Subconsciously, our perception of the flavor comes from the look of the beer itself.

I’ve found that beer served in flutes tend to reflect light in just the right way to make it look refreshing, which is in large part why fruity sour beers taste so good in these. I make a big point in serving IPAs in these glasses, but really anything fruity or highly carbonated would go very well served in flutes.

You may be wondering why porters and stouts are included in the recommended beer list for this glass. I feel that a lot of people focus on the chocolate, coffee, caramel aspects of porters and stouts, and many people overlook the fact that they are ales! While it can be much less pronounced, especially these days with brewers strong imperial stouts and porters, they can still sometimes have a slight bit of fruitiness hidden behind all the complex roasted notes.

Porters and stouts also tend to have rich color when held up to a light, and the flute glasses tend to be able to bring out those colors more easily.

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