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I thought I would start off with my favorite style of glass for beer. I chose the Belgian style tulip because of its incredible versatility. The very first item you see on my Proper Glassware Page┬áis the Libbey Belgian Beer Glass. One of the main reasons I like this glass so much is that it is really easy to swirl the beer and release the aroma of it. If you’re drinking stronger beer, like imperial stouts or barley wines, you have the option to warm the beer in your hand and enjoy the new scents and aromas as the beer gets warmer.

One of the big things when pouring yourself a beer is making sure that the head is nice and large. Some styles of beer don’t allow for a large head because of the alcohol content and other factors. This glass does a good job at retaining the head for beers that can have head, but is still a good shape for beers that lose head quickly.

The concave lip allows the aromatics to gather nicely without being too concentrated. That way you’re able to enjoy a larger range of aromas in the bouquet, without any one aroma being too offensive. I like the shape for being able to taste the maltiness of IPAs and other hoppy beers. Often times the malt aromas are lost in IPAs because the brewers focus much more on the hops of the style. I do love hops, but I’m disappointed sometimes when the malts flavors are lost because of the hop forwardness of the beer.

The Libbey Belgian Goblets tend to round out the flavor of the beer while retaining a good head. The bowl is large enough to easily swish the beer around, and also a good shape to warm the beer easily. It’s a very good glass to enjoy beers with a large bouquet of aromas at a wide range of temperatures.